About This Project


Client: The White family

Contract: JCT Intermediate 98

Contract Cost: circa £900k

Cost /sqm £1780.

Programme: 51 weeks


This project involved working with 5 clients, a family! There was no clear vision except the

statement ‘ we want it to look like it had always been there’. This was a great start from a

design point of view point.

The ensuing design took the essence of beach house, a Hamptons villa and the influences

of Frank Lloyd Wright, we mixed it up with some North Devon vernacular and Windyridge

was born.

The site was fraught with complications, as coastal properties often are.

We had 14m of windblown sand to build in, we needed a way of anchoring the house into

the ground, or the shifting sands.

We designed full plan basement to lock it into the hillside, we achieved this using sheet


One aspect of the project was the Termite colony on site, the only known colony in the UK,

so sand and Termite were conspiring to make this build complicated, we had to commission

a Termite eradication plan! This involved baiting pieces of wood with a growth hormone that

the Termites loved to eat, the results were monitored and gradually the colony was killed off.

The build took 48 weeks and we experienced some maxing storms and North Devon


Then results speak for themselves, Windyridge is much copied and emulated and was a first

for the area.

The house was entered for the Arnold Sawyers Housing Design Awards and one of the

judges said at the viewing, ‘ What I like about this house is it feels like its always been here’.