The Trask House

About This Project

The Hawthorns Uplyme

Client: Mr, Mrs Trask

Contract: JCT Intermediate 98

Contract Cost: circa £550k

Cost /sqm: £1900

Programme: 46 weeks


The site was purchased at the top of the property boom, so the build budget was squeezed

from the get go!

We needed to be creative and innovative but still delivering the brief, which was a modern 4

bedroom family home on this level site in Uplyme, Dorset.

The space planning was easy the detailing and the budget restrictions played an

increasingly influential part in the process, indeed too much so. Various details were omitted

or changed but we retained the essence of a good design, after all it’s not our house or our


The wall construction is a back to basics approach. Concrete blocks laid on the flat with and

EWI (External Wall Insulation System) on the outside, this is 120mm of EPS (Polystyrene)

with a polymer enhanced render to keep the rain out! Simple and effective.

The house has a spectacular staircase and entrance hall.

The end result was pleasing to all, various people have made contact as a result of this

project, of course feathers were ruffled in Uplyme as this was considered by some to be too

modern, too racy for sleepy Uplyme.

The planners were not supportive of these representations and consent was granted. The

period between planning consent and starting on site was spent ‘value engineering’ the

designs. We felt we had worked hard at driving the prices down to an acceptable level. The

build went well bad weather in the summer did slow things up.

The entrance and staircase really make a statement, they are a celebration of space, of

architecture and careful design.