The Gray House

About This Project

The Gray House

Client: Mr & Mrs Gray

Contract: JCT Intermediate 98

Contract Cost: circa £250k

Cost /sqm: £1900

Programme: 40 weeks


This was an opportunity not to be missed. The client had been offered a piece of land near the Bury in

Silverton, the green clump is adjacent to the church and the land in question is situated behind a large

curving cob wall with views across fields.

We started by drawing what the client had asked for, we then priced it and it became obvious the

house they wanted wouldn’t achieve planning consent and wouldn’t be affordable.

The design we had to sell the clients was radically different from their expectations. Denial and

disappoint ensued. Gradually we all arrived at acceptance and we submitted and we were granted

planning consent. This was a great success and the site visit once we started the build was well

attended by the planners from Mid Devon.

The simple design was very efficient in so much as we used Glu-laminated timbers to create a simple

lean to goal post arrangement. This made spanning the space easy and created a free plan, where

we could add partitions where necessary. The250sqm footprint afforded a huge one space living

dining and kitchen area.

Four large bedrooms and a huge family bathroom make this single story house very comfortable. The

water supply is from a borehole as the locals weren’t forthcoming in granting a way leave, so petty

and so unnecessary, obstructive and just plain unhelpful, jealousy perhaps.

The house is remarkable as it has a sedum, blanket roof , which was very unusual back in 2001.

We enjoyed this project and hired all the labour and trades directly for the client, this was a true

design and build contract.

The budget ran out after we had plastered the walls and the clients hired carpenters and finishing

trades as and when, but we played a pivotal role in securing the Grays a wonderful family home in the

heart of Silverton.