Orchard Cottage Cowley

About This Project

This project was about taking an uninspiring urban house on the edge of Exeter turning it into a real home with a sense of place.
The house is surrounded by hills and nestles in a valley only a short distance form the city boundary.
Is it rural or suburban? Or rural but yet suburban in character, the brief called for making this oasis a country house.
The mission was to add an extension and do a make over on the rest of the house, the brief was to create some character.
A sling braced green oak framed building was chosen for, among other things its muscular virtuosity and its texture. The clients are delighted, with it the house is an event now. Have a look at their testimonial.

One of the issues was to leave a central void between the two bedrooms this created the opportunity for the trusses to stand out like structural sculpture, a cathedral like space, perhaps a bit grand but you can’t help but to look up. So often these wonderfully simple elegant structural members are lost behind flimsy cladding, it was wonderful to be given the chance to celebrate this type of clear muscular construction.