About This Project

Oakwood is huge! It is a listed building and the support and bravery of the conseravtion officer was a key factor in creating such a good design. It is one of the biggest barns we’ve ever worked on.

Part of an old Cider works Oakwood is believed to be the warehouse end of the operation. So a storage facility, it is a plain shed with litte detail but with ‘barrels’ of character. The barn is built into a hill on two sides, so has a ground floor and a lower ground floor.

The challenge was to convert the lower ground floor into a garage, utility room three en suite bedrooms and a wine cellar, BUT linking them coherently and architecturally in a way that these semi subterranean spaces would be pleasent, not dark, damp not dungeon like!

We decided to steal light from upstairs and use Oakwoods’ massive vloumes to our advantage.