About This Project

Higherdown was one of those bungalows you see on a hill and as an architect you can see all sorts of possibilities. Its a great location but needs some magic.

You need good clients, good builders and good design, mix it all up and the outcome is win, win, win. What a delight this job was from every perspective. Humble ordinary and a bit plain, is how it started out. It ended up modern light spacious and very comfortable. We can transform the ordinary into the special, you just need to believe, (and have a sensible budget).

This from our clients…We haven’t been in touch for a while and I wanted you to know how grateful we are for the fabulous transformation of our home. The view is breathtaking from the lounge and stunning from the upstairs Balcony.

But the main point is that you managed to create the space that we’ve been trying, unsuccessfully, to imagine for the last 23years!! Our friends are queueing up to come and stay!! Thank you, Phil.