Great Pitt Farm

About This Project

Great Pitt Farm is a grade 2 star listed Medieval Hall house. Our clients bought it 4 years ago and recently discovered the property had been largely ‘bodged’ by the previous owner. The local authority took no action against him, instead preferred to bully our clients into reinstating various elements they took exception to.

Great Pitt Farm was rendered with a hard impermeable cement render on metal lath on Cob and stone, the gutters had failed (leaked) and water was getting in behind the render. This was washing out the cob, in a few years catastrophic failure of the walling material would have ensued! We re-rendered the house with a lime render replaced the guttering and performed many remedial repairs using best practice conservation techniques.

The House is now as it should have been when our client bought it. We find it strange that there are all sorts of laws and rules governing many aspects of your lives but buildings seem to slip through the net and people hire the cheapest ‘architects’ and ‘builders’ and wonder why they get such poor standards and delivery.

The listed status of this building didn’t protect it at all, quite the reverse.