Devon Contract Waste

About This Project

We were approached by Simon Almond of Devon Contract Waste to redesign this huge low shed on Marsh Barton in Exeter. The shed was thew workshop and showroom of the local Peugeot dealership.
The initial brief called for a 9m high eaves, this was too allow the large tipping trucks in and out with unrestricted headroom and to accommodate the huge optical waste sorting plant.
I approached several structural engineers with the brief of raising the building. They all said the project was a rebuild, we didn’t accept that this was the only way, there’s always more than one way to skin a cat! We found two structural engineers that were prepared to undertake the work. We set about increasing the size of the columns and portal frames, as you go higher the wind speed increases, so bigger structural members are required. The images tell the story of the this building re birth from car dealer to environmental waste disposal facility, Simon called it the Enviro Hub.
By adding to the columns and increasing the various steel member sizes we saved about £250k on the budget as the only excavation we had to do was for trial pits which all revealed good ground and a good foundation.
The hub is a busy processing tonnes of waste a day for recycling.
This is a good example of asking the same question until you get the answer you want.