Culverwell Farm

About This Project

Culverwell Farm

Client: Mr & Mrs Darragh

Contract: JCT Intermediate 98

Contract Cost: circa £850k

Cost /sqm N/A

Programme: 68 weeks


This house had evolved in a piecemeal sort of way from a Devon Farmhouse with lean-to

extension here and there, to a sophisticated country house with a grand conservatory. The

clients wanted to ‘unify’ the house with a single structure that would mean the various

extensions could be removed.

After several iterations a coherent structure and plan emerged. The application sailed

through the planning process.

The technical information was drawn, written & calculated, tenders were sought. The house

nestles in a valley wall in a ‘Green sand’ area, green sand is like quicksand, its is fine until

you let it out then it starts to flow. We knew this would be an issue when we dug the


We also demolished the existing barn and crated a new barn, a Neo-barn, that would be a

guest annexe and a small house where the clients could live on site while the main house

was being finished. The barn works well and will provide useful ancillary accommodation.

Green sand was uncovered and we had to take rapid action to ‘plug this hole’.

The house is spectacular in it’s setting with views out to sea and mature woodland behind.

The new barn and extensive landscape works have created a stunning family home.